Season 4 Episode 4: Could a Predominant PEPs Prediction Prove Positive?

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Season 4 Episode 4

In a recent article on NAPA-Net, Fred Reish opined that PEPs—pooled employer plans—would come to dominate new plan adoption in the next five to 10 years. In this episode, Nevin (Adams) and Fred explore that possibility.

To make his case, Fred posed a counter-intuitive argument, supposing that if we had started with a PEP architecture—one in which most of the liability (and decisions and administrative work) was left to others—and holding forth an opinion that if we HAD started there, would plan sponsors have ever wanted to take on that “extra” work and liability. 

Well, regardless of what you think about that premise, the reality is that we didn’t, and that might well change the outcome—or will it? In this episode Nevin & Fred will talk about PEPs’ prospects, the possibilities, the potential problems, and more.

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