Season 3 Episode 14 “Focus on ERISA 403(b) – Litigation”

Season 3 Episode 14 – Focus on ERISA 403(b) – Litigation

At the 2023 NAPA/NTSA ERISA 403(b) conference, Nevin & Fred took the podcast LIVE to focus on the differences in SECURE 2.0 for 403(b) and 401(k) plans—with a special guest.  And then the focus turned to litigation. Since late 2016, nearly two dozen excessive fee lawsuits have been filed against major universities, raising many of the issues that had previously been raised regarding major 401(k) plans – but with some unique twists as well. That’s right, we closed out the 2023 NAPA/NTSA ERISA 403(b) conference with a live session joined by the inimitable Kelly Famiglietta and discussed: 

Yale Prevails – and a first-ever jury trial – but at what cost?

Northwestern University – and the implications for a “plausible” case

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